Two Bay Area Bands Performed a Punk Show on BART

BART had a special treat on Friday night. False Flag and Surprise Privilege boarded the blue line at the 16th St. Mission station, squeezed more than 100 fans into the car on the way to Dublin/Pleasanton and on the way back to San Francisco, performed a once-in-a-lifetime show.

“We came up with this idea just on a whim, like half-joking, but then we realized we could actually do it,” Cody, the bassist for Surprise Privilege, told SFGATE. “I was genuinely shocked to see how many people showed up and were interested in supporting what we’re doing. I didn’t expect that many people to be there to see this. And I was really inspired to see everyone smiling, singing along and just having a good time.”

“We’ve played in parks and skateparks, stuff like that, but we wanted to take it to the next level and find riskier areas to play,” said Pretty, the bassist for False Flag.

Although they “Won’t be doing this again”, Surprise Privilege said they are “Glad it happened.”

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