Tre Cool talks The Coverups, The Longshot backstage at BottleRock

BottleRock Napa music festival was this last week and when Tre Cool appeared on stage for a cooking demonstration with celebrity chefs Green Day super-fan, Baby Huey, was also there to get the scoop on all things Green Day.

The members of Green Day are all Bay Area locals so it’s no surprise that this is the second year members of the band have made guest appearances the festival’s Culinary Stage. This year Tre fondly recalled his festival style of making ketchup which apparently involves a t-shirt cannon filled with tomatoes and a tolerant crowd.

In that crowd was Baby Huey who was tempted to flash Tre. This would have been “old news” to Tre who took this photo with him years earlier.

Tre was a fan of Ta-Ta-Tuesdays – wrong kind Huey – and said they could take a picture if he rolled his shirt up.

“I’ve been a Bone listener for quite awhile now,” Tre said.

Baby Huey also asked Tre about his guest appearance in Green Day’s cover band The Coverups, of which is not a member. Tre and his wife covered a Misfits song at the Parkside here in San Francisco. He attributed to not being in the cover band to being down in southern California during their formation.

Another Green Day side project, The Longshot, has released new music just last month and already had announced a short West Coast tour. The Longshot is lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong’s personal side project that dropped not only a full length album but 3 EPs as well boasting a total of 23 tracks in one month. However, dropping 2 albums worth of music isn’t hard for a frontman who has been playing music for more than 30 years.

“It’s mostly songs he’s already had,” Tre said. “Stuff that never went to the Green Day world. It’s kind of a chance to go play music with friends, go hang out, and play sweaty clubs.”

However, Tre was not so forthcoming about any details involving new Green Day music despite Baby Huey’s best efforts.

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