Nickelback Talks Haters: ‘I’m Not Scared of Comments’

Nickelback is often considered one of the most hated bands in the world, but they don’t seem to care.

In a new interview, bassist Mike Kroeger was questioned about the band’s critics and said, “I don’t really do social media anymore. I have my own Instagram, but I got off Twitter. I never did Facebook, thank God. I’m thinking about getting back on, just because since Elon Musk bought it, it looks like a hilarious, fun time. All these people are so scared, I love it. I might even rejoin, just to see what happens with that guy at the helm, so to speak.”

He went on to say, “I’m not scared of comments ’cause I think sometimes even the ones that are a**holes can be really funny. To me, if something is truly funny, it’s funny. Obviously, just to throw hate at something, like us, that’s not kind of funny; that’s just negative. But sometimes the haters can say some pretty funny things. There are people who make fun of our band and are funny about it — I’ll have a great laugh when I see that — but there is also a contingent of people online who, they want to be funny, but they’re just not. And that’s just very sad to me.”

Nickelback’s new album, Get Rollin’, was released last month.


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