Lyrics to Enter Sandman Come To Life with AI

YouTube, @Daara.

In our current world Artificial Intelligence is everywhere, but where it is starting to really take the form of a “Terminator-esque” nightmare scenario is with image creation. There seems to be a new AI-Image Generator popping up every so often and with one of the newest, Mid journey, the youtube user @Daara took the lyrics from one of the biggest metal songs to see what would come to life when the lyrics are used as prompts.

The way that all of these AI-Image Generators works is simple: give it a prompt like a sentence or in this case, lyrics, and the AI will create an image. Sometimes these images are so well created you might think they’re real photos but sometimes they turn into nightmare fuel, which is definitely the case when it comes to the AI Midjourney interpreting the lyrics to Metallica’s “Enter Sandman.” Take a look and be amazed and possibly freaked out…

Joe Hawk


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