Out With the Big Hair, and in With the Big Beard for CC Deville

Photo by Scott Legato/Getty Images.

Who would’ve thought that a band who was once synonymous with androgynous, glammed-out hair rock, including such fashion choices as hair spray, lipstick, and spandex would be rocking a beard? Well in a recent Instagram post, C.C. Deville, guitarist for Poison, has seemingly dropped the hair spray for beard oils. 

As Co-Headliners Motley Crue & Def Leppard, along with Poison and Joan Jett prepare to set out on the road for the long-awaited Stadium Tour, C.C. decided to go onto Instagram and show the people that he is ready to tour along with a new moniker of “Rasputin”. Now as much of a shock it is to see an almost unrecognizable C.C. Deville, everyone in the comments loves the new look including touring partner Nikki Sixx who says he is also rocking a beard!

Either way, come September 7th at Oracle Park, we’re finally going to get the show we have been waiting almost three years for!

Joe Hawk \m/


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