“And the Winner Is…”: American Song Contest Announces Inaugural Winner

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And the Winner Is…American Song Contest Announces Inaugural Winner!

Well, it has been an incredible eight weeks of music with the inaugural first season of the American Song Contest and wow, what a finale! The final 10 artists took the stage after an incredible introduction from Snoop Dogg and Kelly Clarkson by performed onstage to open up the night. And the Final 10 were:

CONNECTICUT – Michael Bolton
NORTH DAKOTA – Chloe Fredericks
TEXAS – Grant Knoche
KENTUCKY – Jordan Smith
WASHINGTON – Allen Stone
TENNESSEE –  Tyler Braden
COLORADO –  Riker Lynch

All 10 artists took the stage, except for Allen Stone who recorded his performance earlier but had to be home for personal reasons, but it wasn’t until we got to the final judging when things got really exciting. As we all know ASC is based on the Eurovision Song Contest and this is the first time we finally got to see the Eurovision influence shine with the announcement of the points given by representatives, former contestants on the show, of the newly made judge regions. The 56-state judges were divided into 10 regions with each region awarding 1-7, 8, 10 and 12 points. In the public vote, each state voted separately while using the same system as the judges which resulted in the public vote determining 85% of the results! After going through each of the regions Allen Stone of Washington was at the top.

Now comes the real excitement. We come now to the reveal of how America cast their votes, which you’re going to be surprised by the results. Many of the judges’ big picks actually did not receive as many points as I had expected. But it ultimately was the K-Pop star from Oklahoma who took the crown and won the first-ever American Song Contest!


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