New Marvel Star Simu Liu on His First Major Roll, Action Figure Collecting, and Movie Magic

In one of the first Marvel movies to be released since the climatic conclusion of Avengers Endgame, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings sets up an exciting new chapter in the Marvel universe.

In a decade that introduced us to Marvel’s Iron Man, Thor, Spider Man, and many many more, the studio has started to expand its cast even further. Rising star Simu Liu was cast as the movie’s newest super hero and also its first asian leading man.

“It feels like we’re able to give something to the world I never had as a kid,” Liu said. “For little asian kids watching the movie everywhere I think it means something very very special to them to have a super hero that looks like them, reflects them, but is aspirational, is cool, is saving the world. Even those outside the community it’s a  bridge of culture.”

Liu reflected on the responsibility of the role, but also revealed the movie magic that allowed a locked down San Francisco to still be featured in this latest Marvel feature. First appearing in the Marvel universe in Venom, the West Coast now houses two Marvel mainstays. However, most of the movie was in fact filmed in Sydney, Austrailia and in green screen studios because of COVID restrictions.

Though this might be disappointing to some, it’s merely a facet of the movie magic that makes up action packed blockbusters like Shang-Chi. Liu also admits it came down to a bit of creative problem solving to work around filming restrictions. 

Liu has entered the roll gracefully, but says even he is star struck by some of the moments that the role has created for him. From sitting on stage with Scarlett Johansson and Angelina Jolie, to getting a FaceTime call from Kevin Feige, the head producer for Marvel Studios, to brag that he’s a bigger Star Wars fan than Simu. The star even admits to buying up all the Shang-Chi merch from his local Target in fear they wouldn’t sell otherwise.

Box office numbers have proved these fears to be baseless and paved a nice way for the modest and talented Liu. 

Also Liu can do this, which is pretty cool.


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