Chasta talks to breast cancer charity Pink Ribbon Girls, recounts her breast cancer scare

What better way to celebrate Ta-Ta Tuesday than to talk about Ta-Tas!

Chasta sat down with lovely ladies at Pink Ribbon Girls, a breast and gynecological cancer organization, to talk breast cancer awareness and even Chasta’s own scare with the disease.

CEO Heather Salazar and Regional Director Heidi Stepp are in fact Boneheads themselves and over the years The Bone has used its tongue-in-cheek Ta-Ta Tuesday to raise money for organizations like theirs for years.

Salazar came to be a breast cancer advocate after adopting the child of a neighbor who had died from the disease, only to get breast cancer herself just a few years later. The potent memory of her neighbor allowed her to catch her cancer early, get treatment, and survive the ordeal.

“It is good to talk about it,” Chasta said recalling her own scare. “These are important conversations to have because you’re right Heather, women can get it at any age, and men too, and it is something we do need to be checking for.”

“I had a scare a few years ago that I never talked about publicly until this moment,” Chasta elaborated. “I always felt weird talking about it because I ended up not having breast cancer, thank the good lord above. I didn’t want to bring attention to myself…so I just never said anything. But I think what’s important is to talk about it because other women need to be reminded.”

Salazar herself said she would have died before the recommended age for regular screenings, emphasizing the importance of self-checks.

To learn how to become involved with the Pink Ribbon Girls, click here.




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