The Most Amazingly Unexpected Pantera Cover Ever

Youtube, Kayla Kent

The internet is filled with guitarist and plenty of covers. More often than not when you see a Pantera cover is from a guy with long hair and a black band tee. However, YouTuber Kayla Kent doesn’t care about all that, she simply shreds.

With a pleasant look on her face, she effortlessly covers the solo to “Message in Blood” by Pantera. The amount of nonchalance coming from this guitarist is captivating as she jumps around the fretboard without the slightest hint of stank in her face.

Kent has been uploading to Youtube for the better part of a year and so far has only uploaded Panetra covers, but each one is more impressive than the last. In each, she dawns her signature smile never looking down as if to say, “Hello! Very nice to meet you! And yes, I just shredded this guitar solo way harder than you ever could.”

We like her confidence. Respect.




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