What Have You Been Drinking During the Pandemic?

Image via Adobe Stock.

It’s been a wild year, to say the least. People’s habits have changed all across the board. From what you wear, to what you eat, where you work, how you communicate, and what you drink. We stopped flocking to bars to imbibe and instead moved to the kitchen, living room, patio, or garage. The outcome? Well the pours have been heavier, that’s for sure. And, we’ve saved a bunch of money (most of us, at least). So the change in behavior begs to ask the question: what have you been drinking the most over the past year?

Most of us who partake in adult beverage consumption have a go-to, a regular, a favorite. Maybe you started with the trendy White Claws last March and just when the sugar got to be too much, you probably switched to Bud Light. Or maybe last March was intense, so you wanted a Margarita to kick off happy hour followed by a cool, crisp, IPA or two. Or maybe, just maybe, you decided to start drinking Bloody Marys as your 5pm cocktail, complete with pickled asparagus/onion/green beans…a bit of an afternoon snack AND pre-dinner cocktail.

If you’re curious about what kind of drinks (specifically cocktails) the rest of the country has been drinking, you’re in luck. Google has captured data from March 2020 – March 2021, detailing what the most popular mixed drink has been in every state. Check out the full story and list of states here.





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