Find out What Happens When You Mix Alice In Chains with ‘For Whom the Bell Tolls’

Youtube, Denis Pauna

What happens when you mashup Seattle grunge metal band Alice In Chains with the iconic Bay Area heavy metal group Metallica?

You get this.

Covered by Youtuber Denis Pauna, the slow and haunting tone make the famous “For Whom the Bell Tolls” almost unrecognizable. Pauna is often mixing and matching rock genres to create intriguing blends like this one. Other popular creations of his run along similar lines of mashing Metallica songs or themes with other rock classics to create videos like as “What If Type O Negative wrote Master Of Puppets,” or, “What If Rammstein wrote Enter Sandman?”

Maybe it’s something in the rain there in Seattle that makes the music from there so distinct but we think former Alice In Chains frontmen Layne Staley and current Metallica frontman James Hetfield would approve of this crossover.

Only a few months ago in fact, the rolls were reversed when Metallica covered “Would?” at the Museum of Pop Culture‘s remote celebrate of Alice In Chains.

“We’re really glad to be a part of your journey in life,” Hetfield said to the camera after their cover ended. “[It’s been] really cool to get to know you guys, get to tour with you guys, and get to play music with you guys.”

Check out their cover below.

Youtube, Museum of Pop Culture




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