Trujillo and Claypool Team Up for Goofy Product Video, Jam Session

Youtube, officialprimus

What happens when you dress up two of the greatest bassists alive in cowboy outfits to promote bass pickups and let the son of one of them shoot and edit the whole thing?

You get this.

And, honestly, we’re not really mad about it.

Les Claypool and Robert Trujillo have decided to promote their namesake EMG pickup in a goofy short western film, slash jam session. The short begins with Les digging through the dirt until unearthing a pair of his “Pachyderm Gold” pickups. Suddenly, Trujillo enters the frame to shoot the hat off of Claypool as a warning.

A classic western standoff ensues until Trujillo, looking straight up like Danny Trejo’s Machete, reveals his own set of “Precious Metals,” which gives the pair a good laugh.

The video ends with a jam sesh with them working out their differences with the power of music. The video concludes with a product shot of their branded pickups.

Les Claypool’s son, Cage Claypool, directed and edited the piece and was aptly also credited himself and his father as “Director of Nepotism.” Hey, at least he’s got a sense of humor about it.




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