Our Favorite “Jeopardy!” Sketches From “Saturday Night Live”

You’ve probably heard that beloved Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek passed away this weekend at the age of eighty, after a battle with pancreatic cancer. The sad news was announced on the Jeopardy! Twitter:

The Canadian-born Trebek was known for his even-keeled demeanor, class, and charisma, and became a fan-favorite for his cameo appearances and place in pop culture. Some would say his most notable place in history besides Jeopardy! was on Saturday Night Live, where Will Ferrell perfected his Alex Trebek impersonation and starred in a number of Jeopardy! sketches from 1996 – 2002. Trebek appreciated the spot-on impression, and said: “If they’re spoofing you, poking fun at you or mentioning you it’s because you’re part of American pop culture, and that’s a good thing.” Check out the full story here, and relive some of our favorite SNL bits below.

Celebrity Jeopardy with Sharon Osbourne (Amy Poehler), Bill Cosby (Kenan Thompson), Sean Connery (Darrell Hammond):

Dave Matthews (Jimmy Fallon), Björk (Winona Ryder), and Sean Connery (Darrell Hammond):

Celebrity Jeopardy with Burt Reynolds (Norm Macdonald), French Stewart (Jimmy Fallon), Sean Connery (Darrell Hammond):

Remember Potent Potables:




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