Mike McGlinchey Says He ‘Blacked Out’ While Headbutting Teammate After First Down

If Mike McGlinchey gets super stoked around you, watch out. In fact, it might be wise to wear a football helmet around him at all times.

McGlinchey’s teammate Hroniss Grasu was wearing a helmet while sharing the field with McGlinchey during the 49ers’ emphatic win over the Rams last Sunday, but still wasn’t spared from McGlinchey’s noggin, the right tackle delivering a series of celebratory headbutts at the unsuspecting center.

“Yeah I kind’ve blacked out after we got the first down,” McGlinchey said with a chuckle on his weekly hit with “Lamont & Tonelli.” “I was so excited because of the BS we had going on around here and the people that were talking about us. To get a win like that, the way that we did, after we got that first down I just kind’ve lost my mind. Thank god I didn’t hurt Hroniss too bad because we need him to play center for us. So it was all good.”

Grasu apparently said something to McGlinchey right before the series of headbutts, but McGlinchey said he couldn’t remember a thing.

“I don’t even remember. You can watch me on film after I hit the ground pushing Deebo (Samuel), I like kind of went into a full seize and started freaking out while I was on the ground. I don’t remember anything other than Hroniss looking at me like ‘What the hell are you doing?'”

Listen to the full interview below.


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