McGlinchey on Jimmy Garoppolo’s end of season gift giving: ‘It’s not all one universal gift…he personalizes everything’

Offensive Lineman Mike McGlinchey joins Lamont & Tonelli weekly to talk all things San Francisco 49ers. As he checks-in from Santa Clara, he takes us through a typical 12 hour days: starting with morning physical and workout at like 5am, a “boring basic” breakfast of oatmeal, eggs before his meetings prepared by the kitchen staff. McGlinchey adds “these guys all work tirelessly…we have the best support staff, I think, in the NFL.” Details on the end of the year tip remain secret. Lamont than asks what is the best gift he’s ever received where Mike notes how “Jimmy (Garoppolo) is pretty good about it as it’s not all one universal gift…he personalizes everything,” after receiving a personalized 76ers jersey one season.

When asked what was the takeaway from last week’s loss from Philadephia, McGlinchey notes “obviously, we didn’t play well enough…we have to do better.”

Listen below to the full interview:



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