Haunted Music Venues Across the World

Ever been to a concert and swear you felt something bump your shoulder, but turned around and nobody was there? It was probably a ghost! No, just kidding, it was probably a drunk concert attendee. But it turns out there are a number of venues around the world that have been reported as haunted! Eleven, in fact, in cities like London, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Hollywood, San Francisco (The Chapel), Portland, Chicago, and more. If you believe in ghosts and think of them as our friends, then you’ll love this story! Click here to get the full list and article from Loudwire.com. If you’re scared of ghosts, stop reading, this is terrifying.

Do you love concerts? Thought so. Do you hope your favorite concert venue will be able to open back up after the pandemic is under control? Then please take a few minutes and check out SaveOurStages.com and NIVASSOC.org, and find out how you can support our local music venues through this difficult time! Venues were the first to close and will be the last to open back up. Please help Save Our Stages!



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