“Anthem” by Rush: Covered by members of Tool, Primus, Mastodon, Coheed and Cambria

Bands, they’re just like us! No really, they kind of are…at least during the days of COVID, since they’re stuck at home too! We’re all going through this pandemic together, and some of your favorite bands are finding new ways to channel their creative energy and push content out in non-traditional ways.

Take the above version of “Anthem” by Rush from 1975, covered by Danny Carey (drums) of TOOL, Bill Kelliher (guitar) of Mastodon, Claudio Sanchez (singer) of Coheed and Cambria, Les Claypool (bass) of Primus, and Stephen Brodsky (guitar) of Mutoid Man. They each recorded separate parts of the song on their own from their home studios and then edited them together for the complete cover and video. Check out the full story here.




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