Pearl Jam shows a “Quick Escape” from an environmental apocalypse in new video

The newest release from Pearl Jam’s eleventh studio album “Quick Escape” takes you on a sci-fi journey through a devastated planet. The single gets back to the band’s political roots, lamenting the destruction of the environment and mentioning President Trump by name with lyrics like “The lengths we had to go to then/To find a place Trump hadn’t fucked up yet.” Angry yet hopefully.

Wanna preview the new album Gigaton before it comes out this Friday, March 27th? Get an exclusive listen by calling 585-20-PEARL. You’ll be prompted to either 1) Leave the band a message, or 2) Opt in for updates, which will permit you to hear a preview of the record over the phone (in fact, you can probably do both). After a long week of probably being put on hold several times, this is a welcome respite.