Steve Gorman details The Black Crowes Breakup, shares intimate moments with his musical heroes

Steve Gorman, former drummer of The Black Crowes, has since moved on, but after the death of keyboardist Eddie Harsch he felt compelled to review the history of the band through his book Hard to Handle: The Life and Death of the Black Crowes–A Memoir.

The book served as therapy for the former member in a way as the writing process spawned a 900-page meticulous account of every moment in the bands history. After relenting to some edits from the publisher Gorman set his account of the bands tumultuous history out into the world. In the book, there are not just endless tails of strife, the pages are also filled with unbelievable moments that the band shared with rock legends Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, and many more.

Gorman is currently an on-air personality for Bay Area rock station 107.7 The Bone and also plays drums in the group Trigger Hippy.




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