Meet the inspiration of BONE-A-Fide brews, Zane Lamprey and learn how he’s fueling his passion for beer and adventure

They say that you should never meet your heroes, thankfully this was a Skype interview but being able to talk to the man whose inspired me to start BONE-A-Fide Brews was next level awesome. Recently called the “Anthony Bourdain of Drinking”, Zane Lamprey got his big start with a show called “Three Sheets” which showcased him traveling to foreign countries to experience the drinking culture around the world. The formula was simple: go to a new city or country where one day he’s experiencing the traditional, historical spirit or beer; the next day taking on the modern day scene; and finally find a hangover cure. Simple for sure, but there is something unique about sharing the story and culture behind each country’s drinking culture. The very first episode showcased Belgium, which for beer lovers and those of us in the industry, you already know that this caught my attention – especially with his visit to a bar that had the record number of 2,600 taps! Plus, an added bonus to each show was that there were rules that could be followed if you wanted a drinking game; a house favorite for my fraternity for sure. 

Since then, Zane has gone on to do multiple shows like “Drinking Made Easy” which follows him across the USA, “Chug” for those traveling via train around the world and finally “Four Sheets” which is currently on What’s his newest venture? Aside from his continued adventures around the world, Zane has founded a new premium clothing and adventure gear company called Adv3nture, where the 3 represents that number of trees they’ll plant. The best part Lamprey has teamed up with local North Bay brewery Fogbelt Brewing Company to create the Redwood Lager, a tribute to the 341-foot redwood Adventure Tree in Prairie Creek Redwood State Park. This amber lager infused with foraged redwood tips jhas a portion of the proceeds being donated to Green Forests Work to plant trees in areas that need reforestation. And in honor of Adv3nture, for every four pack sold a tree will be planted.

This Saturday, December 14th from Noon -11pm you can stop by Fogbelt Brewing and meet Zane for the limited release of the Redwood Lager! For details about the event, click here

As Zane travels and experiences different cultures and shares their stories, I to go about and tell the stories of the Bay Area Breweries. If it wasn’t for rewatching “Three Sheets” then BONE-A-Fide Brews would not exist.

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