Prepare Yourself: The Second Coming of Hop Dogma is Here

Just like a shark that always needs to keep moving in order to survive, a brewery must alway push itself to produce product. With the risk of losing their customer base, Hop Dogma brewery in Half Moon Bay was in a bit of a predicament when it came to moving locations and finding a new home.

Owner Dan Littlefield, after his now wife Kara bought him a brewing kit, started a makeshift brewery in his basement and soon after a home brew club alongside good buddies, Jesse Jone and Kyle. Soon after that in 2013 Hop Dogma grew out of the basement and the trio opened their first location. But after a few prosperous years, the coastal brewery was abruptly told they had to vacant their original location. Thankfully, they were quickly given the opportunity to brew at another Richmond based brewery in order to keep production going. Now if that drive doesn’t speak dedication, I don’t know what does. They forged on and kept the brews coming, and if it wasn’t because of the generosity of the former Benoit-Casper Brewing Company, Hop Dogma probably wouldn’t be around.

As someone who had the opportunity to visit and experience both locations, the new location is truly the home of Hop Dogma. Though lacking the beautiful ocean views, this spacious taproom has seating both inside and out, with a great stage area for not only music but their longtime comedy show, Comedy Sharks. The taproom also supports the other local business’ within the shopping center, where you can literally sit down at the bar, call in or place your order online at the pizza spot – and voilà, they will deliver it to you like magic! Unlike most breweries where you can see the production area, their brewhouse isn’t attached to the taproom, which is great because it gave them so much more room to expand their brewery from a 3
barrel system to a 10 barrel system and has given them the ability to produce more beers at a time!

Despite the tough times, this coast side brewery has the strength for whatever comes their way.




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