BLOG: Motorcycle Fatalities in California

Every afternoon while hosting on air for The BONE we receive traffic reports. Way too often I cringe at the announcement of a motorcycle accident in the bay area and sometimes they even result in a fatality. As a rider, I’ve always said that being on 2-wheels has helped me avoid many accidents. However, if an accident does occur than it is also likely to be much more dangerous than had I been driving in a car.

It should not be surprising that the majority of fatal motorcycle accidents occur in warm weather states. This is explainable because of the sheer volume of riders compared to that where weather discourages riding.

In 2017, the state of California had 842,543 fatal motorcycle accidents. The most of anyone in the United States.

However, when using the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released statistics from 2017, a web site called QuoteWizard has calculated a rate of fatalities per 10,000 registered riders. And on that list California only ranked as 20th.

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