Ali Wong and Randall Park talk new Netflix rom-com ‘Always Be My Maybe’

SAN FRANCISCO – Ali Wong teams up with Randall Park and director Nahnatchka Khan to write a love letter to San Francisco in their new Netflix original rom-com ‘Always Be My Maybe.”

The movie revolves around the celebrity chef Sasha, played by Wong, who runs into her childhood best friend, played by Park, when she moves to San Francisco to open a new restaurant. When Wong’s character becomes a divorcée, sparks reignite between old friends, although it appears it might be one-sided.

Wong’s character deals with a San Franciscan homecoming but the movies production also facilitated a personal one for the lead actress too. Wong grew up in Pacific Heights where she would stay until moving to Los Angeles for college. Her history with the city bled into the film as small details throughout shimmer with authenticity.

The movie makes a concerted effort to be genuine not only to modern romance but there was also an emphasis on letting San Francisco be a character of its own.

“I think Randall [Park] and I have been a fan of movies where the city plays a character ,” Wong said. “It really adds a whole other level of feeling when you watch a movie where the city plays a character.”

Park also pointed out that the films soundtrack was even influenced by the setting as some of the tracks where produced by Bay Area legend Dan the Automator.

Being back in San Francisco allowed the actors and director to pay homage to the lovely city of San Francisco although Wong’s homecoming was bittersweet. News had recently reached her about the potential closure of famous San Francisco comedy club the Punch Line. Wong became emotional talking about the iconic club.

“When the booker called me it broke my heart. I think for a couple days in a row I was really emotional about it, I still am,” Wong said. “I went there last night to drop in and do a set, and if I really think about that thing, like it’s the last time that I might go up on that stage, I don’t know, it’s such a special place.”

Wong, in that moment, expressed a feeling of helplessness but concluded that she hopes that the place that holds many fond memories for her could find a way to carry on.

‘Always Be My Maybe’ premieres in selected theaters on May 31 and is now available to stream on Netflix.

Check out there trailer here:




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