Watch Soundwaves TV #23 with Lipshok and Maurice Tani

Raising a thriving music scene is like raising kids. It takes discipline, love, support, and a thousand members of your village looking out for you! This week’s guests embody the spirit of creativity and support in the Bay Area music community.

Chasta welcomes Americana-flavored singer-songwriter Maurice Tani, who tells of his travels and evolving musical journey; and of the Little Village Foundation, a nonprofit with a record label that allows artists to keep 100% of their profits!

Scarlett and Phil from Lipshok crash into the show, bringing bawdy laughs and ultimately revealing the tender creation process buried underneath layers of melodies and guitars!

And finally, Chasta, Dennis Willis and Steven Kirk dive into the tricky subject of classic artists who tour regularly and still record new music. Do we want them to share their new music or just play the greatest hits? As usual, the gang has some opinions!

Plus music videos from Jackie Greene, Tim Bluhm, Lapel, King Dream, Skunk Funk, and the Power Pick from Oakland powerhouse Fantastic Negrito!

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Soundwaves TV #38 – Radio Active

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