BLOG: Zakk’s KISStory

This week on The Bone you can win tickets to see KISS when their “End of the Road” tour comes to The Oracle Arena on September 16, 2019.

I’ve lost count to how many KISS concerts I’ve attended. I can recall the first of them though. It was on July 21, 1979, during the band’s Dynasty tour and the venue was The Civic Arena in my childhood home of Pittsburgh, PA.

I was 10 years old and my mother took me to the show. She sat on a chair as I stood on the back of the chair in front of us. She helped support the back of my legs so I could see the stage and not fall.  Mom’s are the best.

My first album ever purchased?  KISS Destroyer

My first meeting with a rock star? Some time in 1978 following the releases of the four solo albums.  Paul Stanley had done a record store appearance in Bloomfield, PA, at a place called Oasis Records (pictured above to the left)

Many years and many KISS concerts later I’d interview Paul Stanley as he was on a different tour. One to promote his art work which he was visiting large cities for the showings. While doing so, i attempted to recreate the picture of me and the Starchild from our first meeting (pictured above to the right)

How did we do?

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