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Ozzy Says Black Sabbath Story Is Unfinished



Photo via Getty Images.

Black Sabbath played their final concert in 2017, but Ozzy Osbourne says the band’s story didn’t come to a satisfying conclusion.

During the latest episode of his Madhouse Chronicles show, Ozzy’s co-host, Billy Morrison, asked him if he’s “happy with the arc of the legend of Black Sabbath.”

Ozzy said, “No, because it wasn’t Black Sabbath that finished it. It’s unfinished.”

Ozzy was referring to the fact that Sabbath’s final gig did not feature founding drummer Bill Ward due to a falling out between him and the rest of the band.

Ozzy went on to say, “It wasn’t really Black Sabbath. If you had [late Cream drummer] Ginger Baker playing with The Beatles, it wouldn’t be The Beatles.”

Ozzy says he would “jump at the chance” to play “one more gig” with Ward.