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Hetfield Gets New Tattoo



James Hetfield — Taylor Hill:FilmMagic via Getty Images.

James Hetfield has a new tattoo. 

The Metallica frontman took to Metallica’s Instagram to show off the ink, which is etched on his middle finger.

The tattoo is of a spade inside what appears to be an iron cross symbol and contains the remains of the late Lemmy Kilmister from Motorhead.

Hetfield wrote on Instagram: “With the steady hand of friend and tattoo artist @coreymillertattoo, this tattoo. A salute to my friend and inspiration Mr. Lemmy Kilmister. Without him, there would be NO Metallica. Black ink mixed with a pinch of his cremation ashes that were so graciously given to me. So now, he is still able to fly the bird at the world.”