Metallica and Blackened Release Two New Episodes of ‘The Blending Sessions’ Video Series

YouTube, @Blackened American Whiskey.

Blackened master distiller Rob Dietrich and Metallica share insights into their collaborative series “The Blending Sessions,” delving into the creative parallels between music and whiskey-making.

Blackened Whiskey, born from the band’s innovative spirit, combines the finest bourbons and ryes, finished in brandy casks using the Black Noise process for enhanced flavor. Since the passing of founder Dave Pickerell, Dietrich continues the legacy, blending craftsmanship and passion.

Blackened’s accolades include Double Gold at the SIP and PR%F Awards, Gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, Platinum at the Ascot Awards, and Gold at the John Barleycorn Awards. Limited editions like Rye The Lightning and the Masters Of Whiskey Series: Willett have also earned prestigious honors.



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