Robert Trujillo on Playing First Full Show with Suicidal Tendencies Since 1996

Barry Brecheisen/WireImage

Robert Trujillo revealed what it was like to play his first show with Suicidal Tendencies since 1996 on an episode of “The Metallica Report.”

Trujillo said, “[My 19-year-old son] Tye has a band called Ottto, and Ottto had a corporate gig which had been booked literally a year ago — something that was very important to them. But then there was also a gig for Suicidal Tendencies that came up, let’s say within sort of eight weeks.”

He continued, “Tye has been touring with Suicidal Tendencies for probably close to three years, and there happened to be this one opportunity that came up within sort of the balance between Ottto and Suicidal. And basically it was this date that the schedules conflicted, and it hasn’t happened in the three years, which is kind of a miracle, but here’s this one date.”

Trujillo added, “So I was trying to think of a sub. And then I just kind of said, ‘I’ll play it.’ And he was, like, ‘Really?’ I go, ‘Of course. I know the songs.’ It’s, like, as long as you play the songs that I had history with, and some of the songs I actually wrote, I said, ‘I’ll play it. It would be fun.’ And he was, like, ‘Really? Oh, man. That’d be so cool.”

The bassist concluded, “I haven’t played in the Suicidal Tendencies sort of format since 1996, so that was really, really interesting. It was really special in that I obviously haven’t been on stage with that version of the band ever, and to be able to reconnect with some of those songs, it was really, really rewarding.”

Trujillo played with Suicidal Tendencies from 1989 to 1995. He later joined Metallica in 2003.



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