Netflix to Ship Final DVDs by Mail

Netflix is saying goodbye to its DVD-by-mail service.

The service will be shipping out its final discs on Friday, with all but five distribution centers closed. The subscribers of the service who receive those discs will get to keep them.

“From Day One, we knew that DVDs would go away, that this was transitory step,” former CEO Marc Randolph said in an interview. “And the DVD service did that job miraculously well. It was like an unsung booster rocket that got Netflix into orbit and then dropped back to earth after 25 years. That’s pretty impressive.”

“Netflix shipped its final DVD in the mail on September 29, 2023..,but the red envelope remains an enduring symbol of our love of entertainment. Tuck yourself in like a DVD with our envelope-inspired sleeping bag to celebrate.” Netflix said, “Long Live The Red Envelope!”

The famous red envelope may be coming to an end but Netflix is commemorating the by selling a “Netflix DVD Sleeping Bag” for $50.00. Preorder the sleeping bag here.

In the meantime, take a look at the most rented movies throughout Netflix’s history of renting DVDs.


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