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Roger Waters Thought This Classic Riff Was ‘Stupid’



Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” is one of the most iconic albums in rock history – but Roger wasn’t always a fan of how the record began.

In fact, Waters once said the riff in the album opener “In The Flesh” was ‘dumb’.

He explained, “We needed a beginning, so I went into a room with a bass guitar and went ‘I need something that’s really stupid-sounding. Really loud, monolithic, dumb”.

Stupid-sounding or not, “The Wall” became a true classic – one that’s sold 30 million copies to date and an album that Waters has performed live countless times.

One song Waters doesn’t think is stupid: “Us and Them.” He singled out the song in the 2003 documentary ‘The Dark Side of the Moon.’

“I haven’t listened to the piece from start to finish in, I think, 20 years. It was fascinating to see how well it holds together. ‘Us and Them’ probably stands the test of time as well, if not better than any of the other songs on the record,” Waters said in the film.