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Nikki Sixx Says Transitioning to John 5 as Mötley Crüe’s Guitarist Was ‘Seamless’



Juan Pablo Pino / AFP

Nikki Sixx says Mötley Crüe’s transition to new guitarist John 5 was “seamless”.

He told Guitar World the new guy fit in right from the very first rehearsal: “We played the whole show – seamlessly. And we were like, [Laughs] ‘Well, I guess band rehearsal’s over.’”

“We started laughing. His personality, his professionalism, his sense of adventure as a guitar player, his understanding of what’s so important about so many of the solos Mick played on.” Sixx continued, “Him wanting to honor that, not wanting to do something different during ‘Home Sweet Home’; wanting to stick to what fans expected and want to hear and grew up hearing…has been just a really wonderful experience.”

In addition to John 5’s talent, Sixx says “He’s fun and exciting to hang out with – whether it’s his guitar playing, as a writer, and now on stage. It’s literally like having your little brother right by your side. It’s such a nice feeling.”

John 5 joined the band last year after Mick Mars stepped away due to health issues – though Mars says he was forced out and is currently suing his former bandmates.