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Tourist Kicked out of Graceland After Jumping Into Elvis’ Swimming Pool



A British fan of Elvis Presley has been kicked out of the late singer’s former home after he took a dip in the Graceland swimming pool.

Video posted online shows the man, identified as Tommy Purcell, climb a Graceland fence marked “restricted area” and briskly walk toward the pool as a security guard rushes toward him. Purcell then climbs onto the pool’s diving board and jumps into the water before the guard can stop him, the video reveals. A second video shows Purcell climbing out of the pool before another guard escorts him off the property.

Although Purcell’s wife posted the clips alongside a laughing face emoji, Elvis fans don’t appear to find humor in the stunt. One comments, “People are so disrespectful and I hope he got arrested.” While another writes, “It is disrespectful for jumping into a dead man’s pool that’s not meant to be jumped in but meant to be looked at.”

Watch the Purcell jump into the pool in the video below.