Tom DeLonge Calls Next Blink-182 Album the “Best”

Tom DeLonge is pretty fond of the next blink-182 album.

In a new interview with Fender, DeLonge says that the band’s next album will be their “best.”

“I still think we’re writing our best songs,” he said. “I think our album coming out is probably our best album we’ve ever made.”

“And the production that we brought on this tour is finally the first perfect, cohesive branding and symbol of everything that the band is about. It’s got the nostalgia in there and the history in there, but it’s also got the fun and reverence and childhood charm. And it’s got the rebellion, but it’s got the technology too, so it’s this really cool, like, rebirth of everything – or the best of everything that we’ve done, but done the way people always wished we would have done it.”

By the way, DeLonge was talking with Fender to promote the launch of his new Stratocaster guitar, which you can learn more about on Fender’s YouTube channel.

What do you think is blink-182’s best music? Do you have any limited-edition guitars like the one Tom DeLonge is releasing? Share your opinions on 107.7 The Bone’s Facebook or Twitter page.


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