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Sammy Hagar Talks Reconciliation With David Lee Roth: ‘We’re Oil and Water’



Photo by SGranitz/WireImage

Sammy Hagar doesn’t think he and David Lee Roth will ever reconcile.

In a new interview, Hagar noted that the pair’s relationship hasn’t improved much in the past two decades.

He said, “David is a strange person for me. We’re oil and water. We just don’t gel. I mean, I’ve tried. I thought it would be really cool if him and I were friends. It would be really cool if him and I went out with a great band and did all those great Van Halen songs together, but he’s just not user-friendly.”

Hagar went on to explain, “And I just really think he’s kind of past his prime of being able to do his stuff the way I would like it to be done if we were going to do something together. I don’t think he cares enough about his voice. But, other than that, I would be happy to be friends with him, but I just don’t think it can ever happen. He’s not my kind of person, and I’m not his kind of person.”