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Arnold Schwarzenegger Reveals Biggest Regret



Han Myung-Gu/WireImage

Arnold Schwarzenegger is playing the lead in his debut TV series, Fubar, while letting the docuseries Arnold depict his true life.

The actor was interviewed on Monday night at the Fubar premiere, during which he discussed the action-comedy series and his biggest life regrets.

The story of a father and daughter who have been lying to one another for years while not knowing the other is a CIA agent is told in the movie Fubar!

He said about his comedic role, “Well, I had very funny people around me, so it was easy to be funny…When we came out with True Lies…it was this really good balance between action and comedy, and I think it did the same on Fubar. The writing team was really good. It’s never something you do yourself. I’m a product of a lot of help…Really great team.”

He added about his docuseries, “Yeah, because we always like to brag about all the great things we accomplish. When someone does a documentary and covers your whole life, then you also have to talk about your failures. That’s tough to do, of course. I think they did a great job…Have a really good balance there…Really thoughtful.”

He continued, “I’m not perfect. I’ve done a lot of great things, and I’ve also screwed up.”