Robert DeLeo Discusses Solo Album ‘Lessons Learned’ with Chasta

Robert DeLeo, songwriter, producer, bass player of Stone Temple Pilots, joins Chasta to discuss his solo record “Lessons Learned.”

“It’s a very vulnerable record,” DeLeo says of going solo. “It’s scary, but I needed to take that journey, so it’s good.”

Discussing the album title, ‘Lessons Learned’, DeLeo explains some of the regrets has throughout life.

You kind of carry these things with you and you know, whether it be how you deal with any relationship in your life and your lack of dealing. We’re constantly learning as human beings, whether it be about heartbreak or just becoming a better human being. That’s that’s really what I set out to do with this record…Music is so amazing because musicians get to not go to a therapist or somebody but actually be your own therapist…And just get it all out and and then it lives on. It lives on and music.

Although DeLeo is still trying to comprehend how his music will live on forever, he tells Chasta he looks to other musicians’ music that will always be with us for inspiration.

I always look at the people that inspired me and I know what that music means to me that they wrote. So I really had this thing in the back of my mind that…I wanted to make those people proud with this record…So being a fan of music, I think everyone sets out to make the best record they can make. That’s really what the intent was just sound wise feeling wise, just make the best record possible.

“Lessons Learned” is out now, listen to it here.


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