Adam Sandler Reads Hilarious Acceptance Speech Written by Daughters

Adam Sandler received the “Performer Tribute” award at the annual Gotham Awards on Monday.

Sandler, who is not one to be shy on the microphone, pulled out a speech that he credited to his two daughters, Sadie, 16, and Sunny, 14. From there he began speaking in the growly southern accent that he has often adopted for formal speeches. He began a journey behind the curtains and provided a perspective from his daughters which was freakin’ hilarious.

One of my favorite parts of the speech is when the “daughters” speak about what they’re doing while Sandler is at the awards:

“While daddy is with you tonight, we’re doing everything we’re not allowed to do when daddy is home, like eat his Yodels or try on his Spanx or, dare we say, laugh out loud at Ben Stiller movies. The last time daddy caught us chuckling away at the ‘Meet the Parents’ trilogy, he immediately stormed into the room he calls ‘The Screaming Room,’ which we just call ‘the shower,’ and bellowed out the phrase, ‘Only the Sandman makes people laugh. Fuck every other comedian’.”

Whether or not Adam Sandler’s two daughters actually wrote this speech is to be determined, but either way, this was a piece of pure comedy that only the Sandman or his children could possibly produce.

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\m/, Joe Hawk


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