Mike McGlinchey Weighs in on Lamont & Tonelli’s Debate

Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

Apparently, sleep divorce is on the rise and San Francisco 49ers Offensive Lineman Mike McGlinchey is weighing in. Following the debate of sleeping habits, Lamont asks McGlinchey, “Do you sleep intertwined or do you have your own side of the bed?”

“You know, I think that there’s a place for both. I definitely think it’s more [my wife’s] rule than mine that when we do go to sleep, we are really not touching each other. But, to fall asleep…it’s not completely ‘don’t touch me’. But when we’re actually sleeping, I think I’m just I’m too big and too hot.”

Lamont gladly agreed with McGlinchey. Getting back to football, discussing this weekend’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs, McGlinchey said,

“It’s the first time we’ve played these guys in real action since the Super Bowl. A lot of roster turnover but the core guys here are still the same and same for them and you know, it’s going to be an exciting game. They’re tough opponent, really, really good. Obviously. All their success has been well documented and we’re still trying to find ourselves here. We’re still trying to figure out how to play consistent football and what an opportunity to do with this Sunday.”

Listen to their complete conversation focusing on last week’s game, snuggling, and preparing for the upcoming game.


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