Mike McGlinchey tells Lamont & Tonelli What Really Happens on the Road

 Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Lamont & Tonelli interview San Francisco 49ers Offensive Lineman Mike McGlinchey and get straight to the questions everyone is desperate to know.

Lamont dives in with, “When you guys travel on the road, do you share a room with anyone, or do you guys all get your own rooms now?”

“Since COVID we all get our own rooms.” McGlinchey explains, “Well, normally…you had a roommate if you were in year three or younger. COVID kind of did my years two, three, and four, so I’m now a grizzled vet after COVID. So I think I’m past the roommate situation.”

Preparing for the weekend ahead, Lamont said, “Well, good luck in Atlanta. Is there anything we should be looking out for this game?”

“Just a normal 49ers dominance and hopefully, keep it rolling and just keep the streak alive and we’re starting to catch our stride right now. We just got to make sure we keep doing everything that we need to do,” said McGlinchey.

“A couple of weeks ago, the sky was falling in after the Denver loss and now you guys are in first place for the Western Division in a matter of two weeks.” Tonelli noted, “Things change pretty quickly.”

“That’s just football,” concluded McGlinchey.

Listen to the full interview below.


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