Lamont & Tonelli ask Mike McGlinchey how often he gets hit in the balls

It’s the question everyone has wanted to know, but no one had the…courage to ask.

Inspired by a recent episode of “Hard Knocks” in which players on the Lions discussed not wearing cups despite getting hit in the crotch once a year, Lamont had to ask 49ers offensive lineman Mike McGlinchey: how often do you get hit in the balls?

“I wouldn’t say it’s once a year, but it definitely happens from time to time, that’s for sure,” McGlinchey said on 107.7 The Bone, specifying that he also doesn’t wear a cup. “Especially when you’re getting into a pile or getting hit from the side when you weren’t expecting it or something like that, and you catch a stray knee or something like that up in the crotch. It’s very painful.”

Interestingly, McGlinchey says that the stories of players doing dirty stuff, like ball grabbing, at the bottom of piles in the NFL isn’t all that accurate.

“I would say the guys that keep punching for the ball, you get a couple stray punches to the ribs or something like that. I’ve had a facemask pulled or something like that down there. Normally it’s not too bad. Normally just focused on getting the ball and you kind of just catch a few ricochets if you’re at the bottom of it.”

Listen to the full interview below. Catch Mike every week with Lamont & Tonelli on 107.7 The Bone.


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