The Stranger Things Bump Hits Another Bay Area Band

YouTube, @Journey.


Let me just say that people are going to be talking about Stranger Things for some time not only because of the incredible last two episodes that set up a crazy final season but also because of the music. We have seen multiple artist get what I am calling the “Stranger Things Bump” where they see a resurgence and exponential increase in streams and downloads. Of course ,we saw Kate Bush’s “Running Up The Hill” used as a lifeline for Max when she came under Vecna’s control and in the season finale we saw Eddie Munson (played by Joseph Quinn) shred in the Upside Down and play Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” in his most metal moment ever! 

Both of those songs and artists have seen a huge response from new listeners from being featured in the #1 property ever to come from the streaming giant, but this whole craze began with the song and band that was featured in the first trailer, and it’s another Bay Area band, Journey and their 1983 hit “Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)”. The song is fitting as in the show the normal world and upside are truly worlds apart. After the trailer drop the song got a big surge in downloads and streams but once the season dropped and people got access to the official soundtrack, the creepy remix that is featured at the climax and end of episode 8 has had people going nuts!

Take a listen and lets us know what you think. Are you excited for season 5? What other bands deserve the bump that were featured in Stranger Things?

Joe hawk \m/


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