Metal Songs In Major Key Makes Me Feel Things

YouTube, @Happy Metal.

A couple months back I came across a video of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” but it was a little different. This version was remixed into the D Major scale and the results were incredible, making it sound poppy and happy. Well over on YouTube, there is a channel called Happy Metal, and creators Ben Bouissieres and Andy Xiong take popular metal songs that are typically played in a Minor scale and cover them in the Major scale and the results are hilarious and also heartwarming.

Some Metal hits on their channel include Pantera’s “Cemetery Gates”, System of a Down and their hit “Toxicity”, The Offspring’s “The Are Alright” and “One” from Metallica.

Now once again, this is true testament to music theory and proving that the key it is played in really gives the song its soul. Take a listen to some of the songs they have covered and let us know if there are any favorites of yours or if you think this is just blasphemy.

Joe hawk \m/


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