Vince Neil Drives Zamboni in Dollar Loan Central Commercial

YouTube, @Dollar Loan Center.

I guess add a super lame Loan Commercial to Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil’s repertoire because it’s, well, it’s kinda sad. In the commercial, we fly into the new Dollar Loan Center, which is home to the Henderson Silver Knights of the American Hockey League and the Vegas Knight Hawks of the Indoor Football League, but then we fly into the arena with a fresh sheet of ice and a Zamboni (ice resurfacing machine) being driven by Vince Neil. And in the most cheap and lame way to show how you can easily get a loan, Vince taps a tablet on the Zamboni and we see a factory with hot women with all the things you can do if you get a loan with the personification of mail tubes? Vince is approved, he lets out a huge “wahoo!” and the commercial ends.

Now I know we have seen some painful footage of Vince Neil attempting to sing the hits from Motley Crue only to belt out karate screams, but c’mon man! Whoever the director was needs to go back to film school or get someone better. Now I know this if for a brand that sponsors a minor league hockey and football team but you would think that they are affiliated with Vegas it would be better quality, let’s just hope Vince does a better job on stage come Sept 7 for the Stadium Tour show at Oracle Park .

Joo Hawk \m/,


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