Stylin’ & Profilin’ the Mexican Lager

Well guys it’s time once again to learn about one of the most popular beer styles, especially seeing that Cinco De Mayo is coming up. I’m talking about the Mexican Lager, and this episode is a lot of fun because, as I said about this series, we are going to be learning about the history and backstory to our favorite beers and also highlight some local breweries and favorites as we go along.

Joining me again is Chasta, who is of course the self-appointed IPA Queen. If you listened to the first episode about IPA’s then you heard that it is my mission for her to learn to love other styles of beers. We are also joined by Dennis Willis, who you may know as one of the hosts from Soundwaves TV and Soundwaves FM here at the bone, and also Baby Huey is in attendance where he gives us unwanted information about Beer ASMR.

The beers we enjoy for this episode are from three local breweries here in the Bay Area. We sample “Taco Truck ” from Dust Bowl, “el Sully ” from 21st Amendment, and “La Canada Del Diablo ” from Devil’s Canyon Brewing, and just you wait and hear Chasta’s reactions! It’s a fun episode with a lot of information that I’m sure you never heard of so please enjoy and also don’t forget to celebrate this upcoming Cinco De Mayo responsibility.

Cheers \m/,
Joe Hawk


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