Telling Stories Through Brews at Narrative Fermentations

It is no shock to the beer industry here in the Bay area that the pandemic forced a lot of breweries to shut their doors for good, but what impresses me are the breweries that decided to take a chance and open up, especially in the middle of the pandemic. We spoke to S27 who was one of those breweries in the south bay, but another brewery that actually opened up in place of a no-closed brewery is Narrative Fermentations.

Narrative Fermentations is the product of two buddies named John and Jon who really love beer and wanted to share their love and appreciation for the liquid by hopefully creating a narrative through their products, thus the name. Now of course they would need a space to produce their beers, and thankfully at the time, a spot had opened up from a former south bay brewery. Santa Clara Valley, unfortunately, decided to call it quits, but when a door closes another opens, and that door had Narrative Fermentations written all over it.

What’s impressive with Narrative Fermentations is not only are they thriving post-pandemic, but they seem to be becoming a great spot for the local subcultures to call home including bike clubs! And from what I was tasting from the taproom, Narrative Fermentations will be telling their story for quite some time.

Cheers \m/,
Joe Hawk


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