Sacrilege Brewery + Kitchen Revisit

It’s time once again to revisit with one of the previous guests to the podcast, this time we head back to the coast to sit down and chat with my good buddy Joe Pacini. Joe is the owner and founder of Sacrilege Brewery + Kitchen in Half Moon Bay. With these revisits we don’t go too far back into the backstory, that’s what previous episodes are for! Click here for the previous episode to hear the whole story.

I love these revisit episodes because it gives me an excuse to catch up with some of my closest colleagues in the beer industry. It has been almost three years since me and Joe last spoke and honestly it felt like no time had passed. Sacrilege is one of those places that I was really nervous about when it came to the shutdowns because of how small his production is, but thankfully Sacrilege has its kitchen which from what Joe told me, was its saving grace. Of course though there were many changes that Joe had to make in order to keep the doors open, mostly additions. When you pull up to the taproom, you’ll see that, just like a lot of other restaurants, Sacrilege has added a parklet to expand their outdoor seating, and also on the inside there is a new two-door fridge for patrons to purchase beer to go.

What’s really impressive with Sacrilege is that to me it is the little engine that could. Compared to other breweries, Joe did not make the transition to cans in order to sell his beer. His brewing system is too small to produce the amount of beer for a minimum packaging but thankfully the ABC was being very lenient and changed the rule that businesses like Joe can sell guest beer to go. To this Joe says he boasts that he has one of the best selections of guest beer to go on the coast. Well if you want to go find out for yourselves you’re gonna have to get to downtown Half Moon Bay and enjoy a visit to Sacrilege.

Cheers \m/,
Joe Hawk


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