Beer is More than Religion at 3 Disciples Brewing

For the first time in BONE-A-Fide Brews history, we finally make it up to the North Bay for an episode. This episode is pretty special because we were contacted by the brewery which is run by certified Boneheads. Up in downtown Santa Rosa, you will find 3 Disciples Brewing. It is the brainchild of three friends James, Matt & Luke who started making beer together with a little over five years ago but opened their current location back in 2019. The 3 Disciples name comes from the fact that there are three founders whose names are those of Disciples, which you’ll listen to how “quickly” I realized that in the episode. The brewery started off with a vision to really promote old-style, German and Belgian-style beers. In the beginning, they wanted to really showcase those beers but like a lot of breweries in the Bay Area, they came to realize that IPA’s pay the bills.  

What’s great about this brewery, besides the fact that they make incredible beers, is the fact that this brewery has somehow single-handedly revamped and revitalized the metal and punk rock scene. During the beginning of the pandemic, like a lot of breweries, they weren’t able to be opened to the public. James Claus, who we talk to in the episode, along with close friend and local artist, Kirk Coleman (of the Voodoo Vultures) talk about how they started jamming and came to find their love of certain bands, more specifically Queens of the Stone Age and Eagles of Death Metal. Kirk is a local artist whom he and his wife have provided many pieces of art that cover the very walls of the taproom. It is Kirk who provided not only the three-headed effigy of Brewmorphious, which is on the side of the outside of the taproom and the name of their Triple IPA, but he also designed the can art for the “Go With The Flow IPA” an homage to Queens of the Stone Age.

I can go on about how amazing the beer is, which it is, but what is amazing about this brewery, and you’ll hear about it in the episode, is the fact that 3 Disciples Brewing is a haven for ART. You can truly find art in so many ways there, be it the beer, the music, the paintings, or even the comedy. The fact that all of those coincide with each other at 3 Disciples makes this place so much more special that I would feel sad for someone who does not visit this place at least once. So get on up to 3 Disciples, enjoy the beer, enjoy the music, enjoy the art.

Cheers \m/,

Joe Hawk


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