RHCP’s Flea Flubs Basketball Skills During Halftime Show

Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images.

In the midst of the Red Hot Chili Peppers preparing to release a new album with returning guitarist, John Frusciante, bassist Flea was seen attending an event that is his other passion, watching his beloved Los Angeles Lakers. Over the weekend, as they were taking on the Memphis Grizzlies, Flea was chosen to take part in a skills competition during halftime.

Now Flea went all out for the competition rocking a Talen Horton-Tucker jersey and purple pants but when it came time to perform, Flea ended up flubbing a behind the back, under the leg lay-up shot, then misses the target on a chest pass through a tire, but thankfully finishes off with a shot from the free-throw line.

In response Flea wrote in an Instagram comment that “I swear I usually drain that crazy-ass behind the back through legs off hand layup!” and that he was “scared to death”. Now I find that hard to believe coming from the guy who has performed in front of thousands of people in nothing but a tube sock on his junk! 

Take a look at the vide above and let us know if you think it was nerves that got the best of Flea.


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