NASA to take Beatles on Tour of 8 Asteroids

YouTube, @The Beatles.

This weekend, a rocket named Lucy is expected to leave Cape Canaveral for a 12-year tour of an asteroid swarm just outside of Jupiter — and it’s taking the Beatles with it.

At least in representation. The rocket, named after the hit “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds,” will be carrying a copy of the song, as well as lyrics to other Beatles’ hits, NASA officials say. The rocket will be the first in a series that are set to explore eight different asteroid fields in our galaxy, according to NASA.

Scientists hope the effort might provide clues to Earth’s origin, says NASA Science Chief Thomas Zurbuchen. “Each one of those asteroids we’re visiting tells our story — the story of us, the story of the solar system,” he says.

Do you think humankind will ever find a definitive explanation for how we came to be?



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